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About Us

Dear visitor,


Welcome to our site! We are happy to introduce our project and internet site Nihonto-do.  

The project and the site name has been carefully chosen. Nihonto-do translates from Japanese as “The way of the Japanese sword”. Historically,the way of the sword began in the Heian period(AD 794 – 1184)and continues to this day. The way of a Japanese sword unites the very cultural essence of Japan, its history, traditions and culture.

Our project consists of a group of people who are residing in Russia, United States and Japan.We are taking a great interest and care for Japanese swords (Nihonto). Among us there are enthusiasts who are members of NBTHK and NTHK Japanese organizations, certified sword polishers, restorers, professional translators, contemporary Japanese swordsmiths, retailers and Japanese Martial Artists. We are all tied together by the beauty and perfection of the Japanese sword and the desire to master and understand it.


Thank you and hope to hear from you soon,

Site Administrator

For questions or concerns please email us at: info@nihonto-do.com

"Flash of steel stills me;
calmness mirrors the ocean;
I await the waves".

Asakura Soteki (1474-1555)